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Courses & Examinations


The RTF Examinations/Tests have to be conducted at a CAA Approved Location. The approved location where you would have to attend to complete the exams/tests is the Flylight Offices at Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire. [click for Location details]

A suitable time can be arranged for you to attend the written examination/practical test, and this can be flexible.

Examination & Test Fees:

  • Written PPL Communications Examination         £37.00
  • Practical RTF Communications Test                   £102.00

Note: Fees do not include the CAA fees which would be charged to issue the FRTOL if it is a stand alone licence. If the FRTOL is applied for where the applicant is the holder of a UK CAA issued licence to act as pilot, flight navigator or flight engineer then the extra CAA issue fee is not payable.

RT Ground School & RT Courses

Ground school training to help prepare you for the written and practical examinations is not a requirement, but most people find it very beneficial. This can be done in the form of one-on-one sessions, or on a course with other students. Studying with other students can be a great way of learning the art of radiotelephony, especially during the practical elements, and it also keeps the costs down. Most people also opt to do a mock practical test before attempting the real test, and this would be done one-on-one.

Ground School & Course Fees:

  • 1-on-1 Ground School charged per hour        £31.00
  • Course depends on duration and numbers     Contact us (£)
  • Typical Full Course of 4 or more students      £155.00 p/person  (approximately 15 hours total over 5 sessions)


If people are travelling large distances a course can be tailored to reduce the number of journeys.

Note: All ground school & course fees do not include examination and test fees. Any further ground school required at the end of the course would be at the above ground school rates.