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  • Kevin Lee Smith (Sunday, February 22 15 09:32 am GMT)

    Just need to let other pilots know that if they are looking for a really professional instructor / examiner with a unique ability to pass on his vast knowledge in a manner that will put any one at
    ease, then look no further than Irwin.
    This is from someone who has been flying for 20 years plus but never had the confidence to complete the RT qualification.
    Irwin will spend the time and invest the effort and support to ensure that you fully understand and so make it pleasurable and satisfying to achieve.
    Thank you Irwin.

  • Tom Farncombe (Tuesday, February 10 15 02:48 pm GMT)

    Irwin\'s approach is to teach you RT rather than just get you through the CAA exam\'s. His ability to unravel the mysteries of CAP413 is quite a talent, and his extensive flying experience made the
    course very interesting. I strongly recommend this very professional instructor.

  • Simon Duggins (Saturday, February 07 15 04:29 pm GMT)

    I left the FRTOL until last for my PPL and booked Irwin for a compressed day of ground school and the practical test once I\'d passed my skills test.
    Irwin is an excellent instructor, I just wish I\'d done it earlier in my training, and would advise anyone else to do so!
    Highly recommended.

  • John Derby (Wednesday, October 22 14 02:05 pm BST)

    I have just completed Irwins' ground school RT course, and I can say it was worth every penny. Up until then RT was for me in some ways a very daunting subject to learn. Apart from being a very
    experienced pilot and radio operator, Irwin has a true gift at being able to teach the subject in a very easy to understand and friendly manner. I have now passed my RT exams, but the exams aside, I
    feel much more confident at using RT efficiently, which will help me safely fly through controlled airspace, and ultimately help me be a safer pilot. Excellent course Irwin. Thank you!

  • Ian Ryden (Wednesday, January 29 14 02:32 pm GMT)

    Thanks for the excellent training and advice. Made a sometimes daunting subject become easy to understand. would recommend to all.

  • Neil Morrison (Tuesday, October 22 13 03:21 pm BST)

    I can thoroughly recommend Irwin's R/T course, no matter what your ability.
    Irwin has a wonderful gift of being able to bring CAP413 to life, distilling the theory into ‘bite-size’ pieces and then making them memorable by relating them to stories from his vast
    There was also great support from fellow students, each with quite varied flying experience, helping everyone to make the knowledge real for them.
    Irwin not only gave me the ability to pass the R/T exam – but most important of all, the confidence to apply that knowledge.

  • Mike parry (Tuesday, October 15 13 12:43 pm BST)

    An excellent course, Irwin makes the subject simple to understand and explains everything in a clear and concise manner. Don't think the course is just for fixed wing pilots, its perfect for
    Helicopter pilots as well.

  • Simon Swift (Wednesday, August 07 13 12:08 pm BST)

    A highly recommended course presented in a professional style by an experienced pilot.
    An enjoyable five week course which had a clear focus on how to use the radio competently rather than how to simply pass the exams. The course was well structured ensuring the theory and procedures
    were properly understood before moving on to the practical training covering how to use these procedures.
    The classroom environment facilitated everyone learning from each other’s questions; which Erwin had the knowledge and experience to clearly answer.
    We were encouraged to complete the written exam immediately following the first three weeks training and before proceeding with the practical training and final exam. This left us free to concentrate
    on practical flight planning and working out which calls should be made at the various stages of a flight. This practical training was also very much enhanced by the interactive questioning of the
    Erwin offered an additional one to one training session (comprising of a mock exam) prior to the practical exam. This was most useful for clarifying any final outstanding questions and boosting one’s
    confidence before completing the practical exam

  • Peter Baranyovits (Sunday, August 04 13 11:59 am BST)

    i admit I wasn't looking forward to this, for me the most scary bit about flying. Irwin made it easy to understand, even enjoyable. Thanks for getting me through!

  • Sean Walters (Thursday, July 25 13 04:07 pm BST)

    I have just finished ground school and completed my RT exams. Irwin is an excellent instructor with many hours experience. His style, professional knowledge and enthusiasm combine to assist all
    students with varying abilities. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

  • Bryan Nortje (Wednesday, July 24 13 01:34 pm BST)

    Just thought i would share my thoughts after attending Irwin's RT Course. I would recommend this to anyone whom has not done this as i have found it answers a lot of questions that i think a lot of
    newely qualified and i would suggest even experienced pilots have about planning, flying and communicating while airbourne. 5 weeks and 6 days later, theory and practical exams completed and
    paperwork on its way to the CAA. While it is not mandatory as a Microlight pilot to have an RT licence I feel that it has added very valuable information, skill and abilities to help me operate my
    Microlight in a safer and more responsible manner. I feel a lot more confident in planning any flights and a longer cross country flight a lot less scary. Thanks Irwin for such a great course and
    transfer of knowledge.